Do you offer training and want to partner with us?

Training the workforce of tomorrow is not easy and it requires many different types of resources.   While we can’t help with all your needs, we can certainly help with a couple of the important ones.
Content Only
  • You can access to high quality instructional resources from our TEACH Construction Initiative resources library here
  • Instructional Resources from the TEACH Construction library can also be used in conjunction with your existing curriculum to support your teaching efforts

Meet your students where there are – and save time and resources in the process.   We don’t think all construction training can be delivered online – but certainly some of it can be.  

Training in the 21st century is often delivered in a hybrid environment – some online lessons with the hands-on training being delivered face to face.

Content Plus – 

This is when you gain access to instructional resources from TEACH Construction and send students to the courses on that are open to the public.  They can prove mastery of the content with the Digital Credentials they earn through the courses.

Private courses

We understand that partners often want more control over their students learning experience, and that means access to the learning portal itself.  In the Private Course partnership option, we will provide you with a copy of any TSU course, in a variety of different course layouts, and provide you with full teacher access for the courses.

  • You will have access to the grade book to monitor student process,
  • you will have the ability to edit and add instructional content,
  • You will have access to all TEACH Construction Instructor resources – and TSU enhanced resources
Branded portal –

When private courses are not enough, we have another option.  We will create for you, and manage, a full Learning portal with the same functionality as  Of course you will be limited to your students and partners within your operating territory, but other than that you will have all functionality.  The learning portal will be branded for your organization and you will have full access.  You can see an example of one of our partner sites for HomeAid America –

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