Course Content

Courses on started with the Instructional Resources from our partner TEACH Construction – but we made it even better. 

All courses on incorporate our Trades Training Video Series to support the Educational Resources from our TEACH Construction resource library.  Click here for available course list

Our courses contain 

  1. Video training per topic to support Online and Blended Learning exclusively
  2. Online Quizzes integrated into the learning portal – automatically graded 
  3. Full student management through the integrated grade book
  4. Lesson plans (from TEACH Construction)
  5. Skills Activities for the teacher (TEACH Construction hands-on training lessons)
  6. Train the trainer video series for professional development

Trades Training Video Series

Here is an example of a full training video from our Trades Training Video Series   Each video includes the following features

  1. Multiple camera angles
  2. Video supporting the presentation available to teachers in the instructor resource section of each course
  3. Classroom explanations and demonstrations from our shop
  4. Supports multiple learning types
  5. Lesson Review
  6. Chapter index for easy access to specific topics
  7. Lesson Content supported in online quizzes 

Below are some of the video topics available in the Trades Training Video Series, they all follow the same structure as the example above

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