Trade Skills University is an online learning portal created to support construction training. We have created these open courses with assets from the TEACH Construction Educational Resource Library and augmented with resources from our education and industry partners. Check out our catalog of courses available and those that are coming soon.

Who is it for


TSU is open to anyone that wants to learn about construction trade skills

Training Organizations

TSU partners with schools and community training programs to provide access to an LMS


TSU partners with employers that provide internal training programs

"Providing some of our training online allows our students more time to focus on the hands on elements of our program. Partnering with TSU has really enhanced our program "

Course Categories

Fundamentals of Construction

Multiple courses covering the basics of construction skills

Introduction to Carpentry

Several courses covering the basics of Carpentry

Introduction to Electrical

Courses on basic electrical tools and process

Introduction to Plumbing

Courses on basic plumbing tools and process

Introduction to Painting

Courses on the basics of painting, tools and process

"The TEACH Construction Initiative is proud to contribute our instructional resources to this learning portal. Together we can help shrink the skills gap"
TEACH Construction

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