is an online learning portal created to support construction training.  Sometimes face-to-face training sessions are not an option, this is where online learning is a value.   Our learning portal solutions help partners provide online and blended learning for the 21st-century student. 
We have created a series of courses, driven by our TSU Trades Training Video Series, to train core construction fundamentals and trade-specific pathways. is a product of Building Workforce Solutions, L3C – a social enterprise 


Course Features

The TradeSkillsU learning portal provides the tools to train a new workforce or those that want to learn what the pros know.

Each course includes a full suite of training videos.

Knowledge Review

Each module has a knowledge review section (quiz) designed to test each students knowledge

Skills Exercises

Each module includes skills activities from TEACH construction – these are typically used for skills practice in our partner training portals

Partner Services

Online and Blended learning solutions should be part of all training programs for the 21st-century craftsperson.   We all know that that hands-on training is necessary for any position that requires hands-on work.  But before hands-on training starts, we all teach the knowledge elements of a given topic. can help with the delivery of the Knowledge elements through online learning and can support the teacher/trainer instruction in the shop or field with our skills exercises and accompanying videos.


If you are a school and looking for training support, please contact us to discuss partnerships

Training Programs

We partner with workforce training programs by providing privately branded learning portals

Employers can be used to support employee training programs, let us help build your workforce

The TEACH construction Initiative is proud to contribute our instructional resources to this learning portal.  Together we can help shrink the skills gap.


A little more about us

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